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Request Data Deletion

We understand that you value your privacy and want to control your data. At Proceipt, we’re committed to giving you choices about your information. This page allows you to request the deletion of your personal data associated with your account.

Once you submit your request, we will begin the process of permanently removing your
data from our systems. This may include information such as:

  • Account Details: Name, email address, profile picture (if applicable)
  • Activity Data: Folders, Receipts and all associated data
  • Preferences: Settings related to language, notification preferences, etc.

Important Considerations Before Deletion:

  • Deleting your data may limit your ability to use certain features of our service.
  • The deletion process may take some time to complete depending on the volume of data and legal requirements. We will notify you once your request is finalized.
  • We cannot recover deleted data after the process is complete.

Ready to Proceed?

If you are certain you want to request the deletion of your personal data, please fill out the form below.